Top Kettlebell Training Mistakes

It’s an accepted fact in the fitness world that training with kettlebells is one of the best ways of developing your strength, endurance and flexibility. However, like all other exercise modules, kettlebell training too has its own technique and procedure exclusive to it. Following these correctly is essential to gaining all the benefits of regular kettelbells training and minimizing the risks of injury.

As a certified fitness trainer it is imperative for you to know all about the most common kettlebell workout mistakes and how to avoid them.

You are Squatting Every Time

Kettlebell workouts require you to bend a lot in order to lift and swing the bell. One of the most common mistakes that can lead to backache is taking a squatting position every time you swing the kettlebell between your legs. Squats are done only when you are doing the goblet squat; which is a common kettlebell workout. In general, you should concentrate on hip hinging movement while moving the kettlebell between your legs.

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Hip hinging requires you to bend at the hips, move your butt slightly outward and keep the kettlebell close to your body. You should then thrust the hips forward, squeeze the butt muscles tightly and swing the kettlebell upward using its momentum.

You are Hinging the Hips Too Much

While hinging your hips is a fundamental move of several kettlebell workouts, you should never push the hips too far forward. Pushing your hips too far outward when swinging the kettlebell will force you to arch your back and this can lead to lower back pain.

Moreover, pushing the hips outward instead of upward will put more pressure on your shoulders and the neck region thereby making your entire back vulnerable to excessive strain.

You are Arching your Back

Fear of backache is a common factor that keeps many clients from signing up for fitness courses involving kettlebell training. However, backache is nothing but a result of poor form or poor technique; both of which can be easily rectified.

The basic rule kettlebells workout is to maintain a neutral spine i.e a straight spine every time you are swinging the ball upward or downward. So make sure that you do not follow the movement of the kettlebell with your eyes. If you do so, you will invariably look upward or downward and your head too will follow the same path; leading to a curved back. It is best to stare at a fixed point in front of you in line with your eyes.

You are Picking a Heavier Load

To make kettlebell training absolutely safe for first-time clients, always start with 8kg weight for women and 16kg for men. This is the ideal weight that a normally healthy woman/man can lift without the risk of injury. Check out the CEC course for more info!

One of biggest mistake is to just walk in and pick up a heavy weight. This can be disastrous even for those who work out regularly as handling the kettlebell is difficult because of its unique shape. So if you are lifting a heavy load the wrong way, you have only to blame yourself for any injury or backache that is likely to follow.

Why Running May not Help You to Lose Weight

Though running appears to be a great way to exercise, if you are doing it with the idea of losing weight, you are on the wrong track. Be clear on this, running will not help you shed fat and contribute much to your weight loss programme. You need to make some adjustments in your programme re your cardio training to help you reach that slimmer, fitter you.

On working out

Like any type of machine your body too adjusts to regular movement in a short space of time i.e. if you do the same exercises over and over again the whole process will become easier. This happens when you take to regular running.

The normal effort you would put in – resulting in sweating and pumping movement of the legs, becomes more effortless. Your metabolism soon picks up the movement and the result is fewer calories get burnt though you are investing the same energy.

Similarly if you take up cardio exercises by using the treadmill for around 45 minutes, you will lose a bit of weight initially in the first couple of weeks. But because your metabolism soon adjusts to this movement, and does not put in the same effort required to get rid of the fat.

Running vs. Weight training

When you run, the sweat you produce is limited to the number of calories being burnt. This limits the fat reducing effect on the body. For this reason you should include weight training in your weight loss programme.

By lifting weights your body metabolism is impacted and causes mini-micro which requires repairs. This healing process needs energy which results in the burning of more calories. A half hour cardio workout at low intensity will burn around 200 calories.

You could achieve this by consuming that many calories less daily. Whereas when you do weight training, you can burn calories according to your capacity to exercise. So make sure your workout routine includes a variety of exercises – it will definitely contribute to bigger and more positive fat loss.

Running can also prove ‘stunting’

As mentioned above if you are into regular running, you will not see the scale numbers changing too much. While this might be OK for people who do not mind slow progress, what you need to know is that excess running might even stunt your flat loss progress. All exercises cause some stress on the body.

To meet such stress your hormones get impacted and this can control your fat dropping process. When you are doing exercises, a special cortisol hormone gets released. Though not always dangerous, if you get chronic stress resulting in chronic cortisol it can lead to resistance to insulin.

You are then forced to store the fat in the body, scotching your weight loss plan. Also, if you are a long distance runner you can end up with your body building up an increased cortisol. This increase if built up over a period of time will lead to inflammation, breaking down of your muscle tissue, slower recovery, buildup of fat – even affecting your immune system.

A recent article I read at explained this fact much more clearly.

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Try other forms of cardio

To help you to get good muscle development boosting your weight loss goals, you just need to take up training that will you to achieve this in a short period of time. Avoid endurance running, it can only impair your muscle growth and strength.

Even if you try to up its effects by running down an incline, the better way might be to try cycling. Cycling will help in burning fat and gaining muscle.


Training Tips for running group Sydney

Training plan and reset

Involving in work activities for a specific event like the City to Surf in Sydney entails various forms of running. As every week training programs are planned for various activities, also each workout session comes with different activities. Planning for excessive resting is a great mistake in running training. There is a common trend observed in runners; they tend to try very hard whereas they are supposed to be resting from stressful workouts. Therefore, they do not allow good quality training as stated in their sessions.

Physical activities usually stress the body and as it recovers, it is able to adapt. In absence of rest and recovery, there will be no adaptations. Note that resting is different in runners as there are those who only require 30 minutes of easy running in order to rest while others may take a full day without engaging in any physical activity. The resting time should be included in your workout plan and stick to it. This will enable running group Sydney to become conversant with their workouts and to train hard when the right time comes.

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Weekly mileage

When you start a training program for city2surf you may plan you workout routine on weekly or on monthly basis because most of the runner group Sydney train ion weekly mileages. It is important that you get to consider the amount of activities you will involve in as many runners feels that this is the best way to stick to your routine. The quantity of training is determined by a combination of volume and concentration. You should not forget any activity that you are required to partake; for instance; the weekly miles. If you miss your sessions for a day or two due to an injury or illness, you should not stress whatever you missed in an effort to catch up. You are only needed to proceed with your program and lat the lost days go.

Train the long runs

These are long distances of over eighteen miles that are the most important activities in your routine. Every instructor has different information regarding to the long runs. Long run trainings are done at a lower pace of about thirty to forty five seconds per mile than the normal marathon race. This is important because many runners get injured while they are trying to run too much for the long run training.

Train and compete with a group

Training with a group is the best thing an athlete can do in order to boost his or her trainings. Many runners have some days when they are sluggish and greatly require support from a friend during training activity. Team running is a great race plan, although you have to be careful that the group does not get too competitive and racing becomes the only activity involved. At times, you can choose a person who judge pace and the effort of controlling the cadence of a marathon. You should not race the activities.

Strategized racing

There is a sudden question that usually arise, ` which and how much preparation races are relevant before the actual long race. ` The amount much preparation is determined by scheduled marathon and race. Typically, it is possible to undertake many short races which can sum up to a marathon. Most of the races are scheduled on weekends, therefore it is important to miss a long run in the prior week to the schedule. Also, it is not a good idea to go for a long run after the participating in the schedule. There are some runners who like doing several long runs which are long pace runs a month before the scheduled race. This can also be a perfect idea if you can go to a long race and run at marathon pace. Be careful as many runners are not able to do this; they are normally very competitive and run at a high pace. You should only engage in a few number of races in a running training routine, about three races in a period of twelve weeks, as it will help you in accessing the progress of the course and whether it is adequate.

You should be flexible with your workouts

You must be willing to change and stick you routine according to the present conditions. This is because the winter conditions can vary form Arctic climates to gentle spring days. If the day has harsh weather conditions, then you may be forced to change your routine by reducing the distance and your strength. Simply reduce the number of activities and increase your rest time. It is expected that in cold conditions, you will be slow when running; you will also have a higher heart rate and feel more inferior than in normal conditions. Make proper changes in your routine so that the physical stress does not ruin your training for the remaining period.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Most of the time, you will find that majority of individuals have greatly neglected their own health due to the fact that they are busy and are largely consumed with their work. These kinds of people should think or rather start to embrace the idea of having personal training Balmoral Beach in their schedule.

There has been a study carried out which states that by an individual having an exercise in his or her lifestyle, it can already be able to do so much as it regards to the health of such an individual. This explains why you ought to have your own fitness schedule as it will have to play a very big change and at the same time bring a very big change for your body and you as a whole.

If you happen to be feeling that some fitness training will be of any importance to you, then you should start thinking of how you can get the best personal training from Balmoral Beach. By having your personal training being instructed by a fitness trainer from your Balmoral Beach, you will be rest assured that you will be assisted so as to achieve your highly desired figure.

You will be able to find out that majority of the fitness enthusiasts, have stated that for you as an individual having a personal coach will be of great help for you to achieve what you have set out for your own body.

However, if it happens that you are still reluctant or rather not convinced as regards the need of you having a personal trainer be it from eastern suburbs or from Balmoral Beach as a whole, then first of all you have to realize and understand the great benefits which you have to accrue from hiring a personal trainer.

From there, you mind change your mind and then decide to choose or even hire a personal trainer who will be able to cater for your fitness adequately from Balmoral Beach. Have a look at all the testimonials online and see how personal training changed people’s life and got them to feel so much better, strong and healthy.

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First of all, you will get to benefit greatly since by training just in the convenience of your own schedule, your own home, will be able to give you a lot of benefits due to the fact that you will have to get a one on one fitness program being administered by your personal trainer. You will also find out that you will have an easier time when planning out your personal fitness program plus your diet. This is simply due to the fact your trainer is able to provide all these for you.

You have to always remember that most of the personal fitness trainers will always have a professional relationship with various individuals who are in the health sector such nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and so many others. They have to do it this way so as they can be trusted by their clients when giving out their health tips.

You should not end your fitness program just because you have achieved the figure which you desired to have from the start. Your fitness trainer will be able to keep you in shape  just by offering you various tips that will play a big part by helping you keep and at the same time maintain your body.

Without the help of your professional trainer, you may find out later on that you have just acquired your body which you had before undergoing the fitness program. If it happens this way, it will be a big blow to you as a person and also a waste of time and money that were used in training. So to avoid all these, just ensure that you do what is required and follow the tips and instructions given to you by your personal fitness trainer.

With this n mind, if it happens that you are an individual who has a busy schedule and have got little or even no time to go out in a gym, then you will have to get a personal trainer who will be able to take care of fitness program. You will be assured to realize the best body results from your fitness program, especially when your trainer comes from personal training Balmoral Beach. After that,  you will be able to share with your family and friends the experience you had with that particular Balmoral Beach fitness trainer.


Things to Keep in Mind when Working out in the Outdoors

Exercising in the outdoors has its own charms and benefits. You enjoy your sessions more when you exercise under the open sky amidst a cool and refreshing environment. Without doubt, working out at your neighbourhood parks or beaches is more attractive than having to exercise within a closed gym.

And with a outdoor personal training in Bondi to guide you, training outdoors is perhaps the most enjoyable way of incorporating exercise in your daily routine. However, it’s not always smooth walking with outdoor exercise… in fact it can become quite unsafe if you don’t follow certain precautions.

Always check the Weather Report

The weather can be a great spoilsport for outdoor activities even if it’s your regular workout sessions. Yes, don’t let the weather spoil your plans of doing some serious exercise…always check the weather report in advance. You may have to change your regular attire or even abandon a session if inclement weather is forecast.

Be Attentive to your Comfort

Outdoor personal training in bondi is a natural atmosphere where the environment can change anytime without prior indication. Unlike the controlled atmosphere of gyms and indoor workout areas, you cannot really control the temperature, humidity, sunshine etc when exercising outdoors.

That is why it is all the more important to listen to your body and stop immediately whenever you feel dizzy or breathless. Too much of heat or cold can disturb your body’s natural balance and make you feel uncomfortable. Never continue exercising in such a situation but speak to your trainer instead.

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Stay Hydrated

Pyrmont personal trainer don’t get tired to remind you that staying hydrated is vitally important no matter what the season is. Always remember to drink water or health drinks before, during and at the end of each workout session. Do it even if you are not particularly thirsty. Inadequate intake of water will leave you exhausted too soon and you may be forced to quit midway through the session.

Exercising Outdoors during the Summer Months

Summer is the time for blue skies, fresh air and strong sunshine. Exercising outdoors during summer can be enjoyable but you need to protect yourself from heat-related ailments. During summer, try and arrange for workout sessions during early morning or evening when the sun is not so strong. Wear light coloured, loose-fitting attire that allows easy circulation of natural air. Tight clothes restrict free flow of air and can make you feel breathless especially when you are working hard under s scorching sun.

Exercising Outdoors during the Winter Months

Winter too presents some unique problems for those who wish to continue exercising even during the freezing months. You can check out on to find out which outdoor companies are still running some classes during winter.

If heat stroke is the danger during summer, hypothermia and frostbite are the hazards during winter. Know more about these two conditions and learn to identify their symptoms at an early stage so that further harm can be prevented. Never dress too heavily as it again constricts the free flow of air. Always dress in layers so that you can remove a jacket or two in case you are sweating profusely. It is best to experiment with different clothing till you find the right combination to wear during winter workouts. Remember to keep your ears, hands, feet and head protected from direct exposure to cold.


Tips to Ensure you Maintain Ideal Weight During a Long Holiday

For many people, a dream holiday becomes a nightmare for their fitness programme. Yes, all that flab you shed through rigorous exercise at personal training in Bondi can return easily during a long vacation. If you are not careful about how to conduct yourself during the holidays, you will definitely have to work extra hard at your next boot camp session.

Maintaining an Ideal Body Weight during Long Vacations

A vacation is the time for rest and relaxation. Understandably, few people are concerned about disciplined lifestyle or diet while they are on vacation. However, too much of indulgence can play havoc with your fitness and put years of hard work to waste. Why not take a middle path? Indulge yourself wisely and in a controlled manner to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about maintaining your ideal body weight.

Focus on the Place and Not on Food

Try to select holiday spots that offer a lot of opportunities for physical exercise such as trekking or biking around the area, climbing mountains or water sports and so on. Even if your vacation does not include a lot of sightseeing you should still make an effort to move around as much as possible. Make use of any gym facility your hotel offers. You will also be in a better shape to continue with your personal training in Bondi once you return. Concentrate on local sights more instead of the local cuisine.

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Party Occasionally

A vacation should never be an excuse to party wildly and continuously. Junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, rich elaborate meals…all these will in no way help you to maintain your weight. Keep away from parties as much as possible and indulge occasionally. If possible, try to host parties yourself so that you can control what type of food and beverage to serve.

Weigh yourself at Regular Intervals

Being at a holiday does not mean you no longer keep a tab on your weight. You must weigh yourself at least once a week especially if you are on a long holiday when it’s natural to indulge quite often.

Learn to Control Portions

Portion controlling is the trick to better eating without depriving yourself from the pleasures of diverse cuisine. Yes, you can eat all you want but in a controlled manner. Know how much to eat of which food group and stick to it. Learn to identify the healthier options even at party buffets and opt for salads, fresh fruits, vegetable preparations, smoked or grilled preparations etc. Avoid dessert or calorie-high appetizers. Take a smaller plate so that it looks fuller even with a small quantity of food on it.

You will find some free meal plan including portions and calories on

Eat Wisely

Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. You will get all the fuel you need for the excursions of the day and will not feel like snacking often on the way. Healthy breakfast also boosts your metabolism so that your body burns fat at a faster rate and you don’t really put on that much weight. Try and include as much of lean protein as possible such as low-fat diary items; seafood; skinless poultry; lean cuts of meat; leguminous preparations etc.