About Me

I discovered I was unfit the very first time I tried to do something about it.

Really! I thought I had a handle on my personal fitness, but when I made the decision to join a local fitness group, I found out just how out of step I truly was.

But I didn’t give up, and that’s why I wanted to start this blog.

I want to tell you about the exercise groups that work, the diets that you can stick to – because they are not fads, but new choices based on new information that you will take on board – the physical fitness programs that get the blood pumping and fill you with vim and vigour, ready to face every day!

It won’t be too great in a vacuum, so please email me using the contact form if you have any great health ideas you would like to share, or just leave a comment. And a smiley face.

Great Health, and the best of luck,

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