Why Running May not Help You to Lose Weight

Though running appears to be a great way to exercise, if you are doing it with the idea of losing weight, you are on the wrong track. Be clear on this, running will not help you shed fat and contribute much to your weight loss programme. You need to make some adjustments in your programme re your cardio training to help you reach that slimmer, fitter you.

On working out

Like any type of machine your body too adjusts to regular movement in a short space of time i.e. if you do the same exercises over and over again the whole process will become easier. This happens when you take to regular running.

The normal effort you would put in – resulting in sweating and pumping movement of the legs, becomes more effortless. Your metabolism soon picks up the movement and the result is fewer calories get burnt though you are investing the same energy.

Similarly if you take up cardio exercises by using the treadmill for around 45 minutes, you will lose a bit of weight initially in the first couple of weeks. But because your metabolism soon adjusts to this movement, and does not put in the same effort required to get rid of the fat.

Running vs. Weight training

When you run, the sweat you produce is limited to the number of calories being burnt. This limits the fat reducing effect on the body. For this reason you should include weight training in your weight loss programme.

By lifting weights your body metabolism is impacted and causes mini-micro which requires repairs. This healing process needs energy which results in the burning of more calories. A half hour cardio workout at low intensity will burn around 200 calories.

You could achieve this by consuming that many calories less daily. Whereas when you do weight training, you can burn calories according to your capacity to exercise. So make sure your workout routine includes a variety of exercises – it will definitely contribute to bigger and more positive fat loss.

Running can also prove ‘stunting’

As mentioned above if you are into regular running, you will not see the scale numbers changing too much. While this might be OK for people who do not mind slow progress, what you need to know is that excess running might even stunt your flat loss progress. All exercises cause some stress on the body.

To meet such stress your hormones get impacted and this can control your fat dropping process. When you are doing exercises, a special cortisol hormone gets released. Though not always dangerous, if you get chronic stress resulting in chronic cortisol it can lead to resistance to insulin.

You are then forced to store the fat in the body, scotching your weight loss plan. Also, if you are a long distance runner you can end up with your body building up an increased cortisol. This increase if built up over a period of time will lead to inflammation, breaking down of your muscle tissue, slower recovery, buildup of fat – even affecting your immune system.

A recent article I read at http://www.6weekbody.com.au/weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight-fast explained this fact much more clearly.

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Try other forms of cardio

To help you to get good muscle development boosting your weight loss goals, you just need to take up training that will you to achieve this in a short period of time. Avoid endurance running, it can only impair your muscle growth and strength.

Even if you try to up its effects by running down an incline, the better way might be to try cycling. Cycling will help in burning fat and gaining muscle.